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Top Quality Gutter Cleaning Services

Fast, Friendly, Precise!

Fall Gutter Cleaning Special

1 Story Home

$150 $125

2 Story Home

$200 $175

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*Up To 2500 sq ft

Our Simple 3 Step Process

Step 1:

Full Gutter Inspection

Examine any damage or structural problems and report to homeowner

Step 2:

Standard Gutter Cleaning

Remove any debris and blockage from gutters and disperse at home’s natural area

Step 3:

Complete Air Flush

Remove any blockages from downspouts so water can flow freely

*Exterior Gutter Guards can benefit tremendously from our 3 Step Process.

Our Cleaning Method:

Most roofs will be inspected, cleaned, and air flushed from the roof. This gives us the advantage to provide the most thorough service possible due to being able to completely see the scope of work needing to be performed. Lastly, blow off 90% of remaining debris on decks, patios, driveways, and lawns.

(applies to safe walkable roofs; some roofs may be excluded due to safety issues but alternative cleaning methods may be administered, if possible; technician has full discretion to decide safety of roof surface)

Alternative Cleaning Method: Some roofs will be inspected, cleaned, and flushed from the ground or ladder using specialized industry tools, water pressure, or both. These methods will be performed based on job safety requirements.

(This may incur additional cost due to increase in difficulty and time; however, any additional charges will be discussed with customer prior to start of service)

Additional Services Offered:

  • $100 and up - Perfect Ground Clean up - Bucket debris and haul away
  • $100 and up - Water Flush Downspouts - includes 3 downspouts
  • $200 and up - Exterior Gutter Brightening - brush and rinse help to remove gutter stripes
  • $225 and up - Gutter Guard Jetter Flush - water flush under Gutter Guard

*Standard cleaning includes up to 90% Ground Clean Up Air Flush may be restricted for some homes especially In-Ground Downspouts We do not remove Gutter Guards. Some roofs may be excluded due to safety. Some gutter stripes may not be removed and require painting. Alternative cleaning methods may incur additional fees.

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Are You A Good Neighbor?

If You & A Neighbor Schedule Your Services The Same Day, You Will Each Receive 10% Off

Neighbors shouldn’t let neighbors wash alone! Schedule any of our residential pressure washing services and invite your neighbor to schedule services for the same day and you’ll both enjoy a discount – up to $100 – on your services.

At Palmetto House Washers, we’re grateful for the support of our community and value the relationships we have with our good neighbors in Greenville and the surrounding areas. Love your home, love your neighbor, and call the pressure washing pros at Palmetto House Washers today at 864-423-8056 or use our easy online request form to schedule a free estimate!

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