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Plant Safety When Softwashing

Plant safety when softwashing

Soft washing is an effective and gentle method used to clean and rejuvenate various surfaces, including the exterior of buildings. However, it's important that we exercise caution when using soft wash solutions around plants to avoid any unintended damage. In this blog, we'll provide you with essential steps we take, and you can take as well to ensure the protection of your plants while soft washing.

Pre-Water the Plants

Watering the plants thoroughly before soft washing creates a protective barrier on their leaves and roots. This barrier helps in reducing the absorption of soft wash products and prevents any potential damage. We want to ensure that the plants are adequately hydrated before starting the cleaning process.

Cover or Shield the Plants

If you want added protection, cover delicate plants with plastic sheets or tarps BEFORE ARRIVAL. Alternatively, use large cardboard boxes or inverted buckets to create a physical barrier between the soft wash solution and the plants. Make sure that the covers are securely placed and will not blow away during the cleaning process.

Applying the Solution Carefully

When applying the solution, we will be mindful of the direction of the wind. We make sure to position ourselves away from the plants to prevent the solution from drifting onto them. Also, we use a low-pressure system to minimize the risk of harming the leaves or breaking stems of the plants. Lastly, we aim the spray at the target surfaces, ensuring that the solution is applied evenly without excessive saturation.

After the Cleaning

Rinsing the Area Thoroughly

After the cleaning we make sure to thoroughly rinse the area with clean water. Rinsing them multiple times to ensure complete removal of any leftover solution from the nearby surfaces. As we like to say “Dilution is the best solution” when it comes to the safety of your plants. Rinsing also helps restore the natural pH balance of the leaves, promoting their healthy growth. However, if you notice any yellowing of your plants leaves or signs of decay do not worry! Our algaecide breaks down microorganisms when it gets into soil making the pH of the soil acidic, so to solve this we recommend that you use your plants recommended fertilizer in order to return its soil back to the proper pH.

Remove Covers and Post-Care

Once the rinsing process is complete, remove the covers or shields protecting the plants that you may have placed. Give them a final rinse with clean water to remove any residue that may have settled on the leaves. Monitor the plants for a few days following the cleaning process and provide additional care if necessary, such as watering or fertilization, to aid their recovery.

Soft washing can be a highly effective method for cleaning various surfaces without causing damage. By following the steps outlined above, we can minimize any potential damage as much as possible, however, we cannot guarantee the complete safety of the plants. Identifying and isolating the planting area, pre-watering the plants, covering them, diluting the solution properly, and applying it carefully will significantly reduce the risk of harm to your valuable greenery. Remember to rinse the area thoroughly and provide post-care to aid in the plants' recovery. Once again, DILUTION IS THE BEST SOLUTION! By taking these precautions, our technicians at Palmetto House Washers can provide you with a clean exterior while keeping your plants healthy and vibrant.

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